All Access Pass 2011 - F.A.Q.

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FAQ is from December 31, 2010.  An updated version will be made available shortly.

Below you will find the F.A.Q. about the Times Square All Access Pass for New Years Eve. We want to insure you understand the value of the pass, what it includes, what it does not include, and set your expectations for what you are purchasing. The Pass is a great ticket for New Years Eve when used correctly. This will set the expecations for the pass and we hope you choose to join us this New Years Eve in Times Square.

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The rest of the venues will be published once the information is available...

General New Years Eve Questions

  • QWhat is an Open Bar?

    When a party designates that an "OPEN BAR" is included, that means the drinks you order are FREE during the listed hours for the Open Bar. The quality and brands of liquors will vary by venue, for each has their own definition of their liquors they serve.


  • QDo I need a ticket to attend an event?

    YES. A physical ticket is required for entry to ALL events, unless otherwised offered. To attend an event in Times Square, you will be required to present your physical ticket to the NYPD and also to the door staff at a particular venue.

  • QI selected "Ticket Pick Up" at check out. Where do I pick up my tickets?

    Coming Soon...

  • QI selected "Shipping" at check out. When will my tickets be shipped?

Times Square

  • QHow long does it take to clear the NYPD Security Check Points?

    We cannot give you a definitive amount of time. Usually, expect it to take approx 15-20 minutes, but the closer it gets to midnight, it may take longer, depending on the # of people waiting in line for that security check point to clear. Based on the venue you are trying to get to, will determine the right street to cross into the center of Times Square. We will provide this routing in your "Welcome Kit" at the NYE Store.

    We suggest entering the center of Times Square around 11 PM to give yourself enough time to find a space to watch the ball drop LIVE.

  • QWhat can I expect that evening?

    There will be over one million people coming to see the ball drop. This is an exciting evening, filled with lots of partying. We will provide you with a suggested party route that we recommend following to allow you get the most from the All Access Pass. Moving from venue to venue can be difficult at times, depending on the venue you are coming from and traveling too. When you are crossing from East to West Side of Times Square and vice versa, allow yourself more time to cross, since there are barricades at each of the street intersections. We will provide you with as much information about the best streets to use to access the center fo Times Square.

  • QWill I be able to see the ball drop LIVE? Where can I expect to watch the ball drop?

    With the All Access Pass, you will be permitted into the center of Times Square, where you will see the actual ball drop LIVE! It is expected that you will be able to watch the ball drop live from around 47th - 50th Street along 7th Ave and/or Broadway, which is 5-8 blocks North of the ball drop, located on 43rd Street on 7th/Broadway. We are able to offer this amenity, because the All Access pass includes parties within the ball drop area that will allow you access past the barricades and give you the ability to see the ball drop. When you are crossing through the barricades, present your admission ticket(s) to the party you plan to attend inside the ball drop zone. En route to that venue(s), if you choose to watch the ball drop, we recommend finding a spot(s) where you are happy and can stand to watch the ball drop at midnight.

  • QWhat kind of weather should I expect?

    It will be very cold that evening. We suggest bringing a warm winter jacket, hat, scarf, gloves, and anything that will keep you warm.

  • QAre there any public restrooms in Times Square?

    NO. The only places to go to the bathroom would be at one of the venues or somewhere outside of Times Square. There are no public bathrooms available outside.

  • QIs there a reserved / premium spot for All Access Ticket Holders to watch the Ball Drop LIVE?

    NO. You will gain access to Times Square and expect to be able to watch the ball drop between 47th -52nd Street on 7th Ave or Broadway. Unfortunately there is no way to block a space for private use in Times Square for New Years Eve.

  • QHow much time do I need to give myself to go and get ready to see the ball drop LIVE in Times Square?

The Venues Included with Times Square All Access Pass

  • QWhat veues are participating in the All Access Pass?

    48 NYC
    1221 Avenue of Americas (48th Street) - between 6th & 7th Avenues

    Bourbon Street
    346 West 46th Street - between 8th & 9th Avenues

    Broadway Comedy Bar (Private Room)
    318 West 53rd Street - between 8th & 9th Avenues

    Gossip Bar
    733 9th Avenue - between 49th & 50th Streets

    House of Brews
    363 West 46th Street - between 8th & 9th Avenues

    232 West 48th Street - between Broadway & 8th Avenues

    Lucky Strike
    624-660 West 42nd Street

    Madame Tussauds
    234 WEst 42nd Street - between 7th & 8th Avenues

    Mars 2112
    1633 Broadway - between Broadway & 8th Avenue

    Times Square Center (AKA The World)
    669 8th Avenue - between 42nd & 43rd Streets

  • QWhere are the venues located?

  • QWhat is Age to attend these parties?

    You must be 21+ years of age to purchase ANY Times Square All Access Pass. As well, to enter any venue participating, you will be asked to provide a photo ID proving your age.

  • QAre there specific times the Open bars are available at each venue?

    YES. Every venue has a different open bar time. Some have longer hours than others.

    They are as follows: * 48 NYC from 8 PM - 2 AM: 6 hour Premium open bar
    * Broadway Comedy Bar from 6 PM - 8 PM : 2 hour basic open bar
    * Bourbon Street from 8 PM - 2 AM : 6 hour Premium open bar
    * Gossip Bar from 8 PM - 2 AM : 6 hour Premium open bar
    * House of Brews from 9:30 PM - 12:30 AM : 3 hour basic open bar
    * Hurley's from 8 PM - 2 AM : 6 hour Premium open bar
    * Lucky Strike from 8 PM - 2 AM : 6 hour Premium open bar
    * Madame Tussauds from 7 PM - 2 AM : 6 hour Premium open bar
    * Mars 2112 from 8 PM - 2 AM: 6 hour Premium open bar
    * Times Square Center from 7 PM - 2 AM : 7 hour basic open bar

    Please note that select venues may NOT serve shots and the quality of liquor and brands of liquor being offered vary per venue.

  • QCan I stay at (1) venue as long as I want or do I have to move around?

    If you choose to, you can stay at one particular venue for as long as you want. After the open bar times end, the venues will have cash bar available to purchase drinks. The majority of venues will be open till 4 AM, unless otherwise noted by the specific venue.

  • QWill the venues be crowded?

Times Square All Access Pass

  • QWhat is the Times Square All Access Pass?

    The Times Square All Access Pass is a ticket provided by New Years Eve party producers that will enable the ticket holder the ability to travel to different parties in and around Times Square. By purchasing your Times Square All Access Pass, you will receive a customized route plan that will maximize your experience throguhout the participating venues. This will give you access to various venues at different times throughout the night.  Each venue will include FREE DRINKS, Passed food appetizers (from 7-11 PM at select venues) and multiple party atmospheres. Ultimately, based on your location, you may be able to see the live ball drop in the center of Times Square. Make sure to read the rules and FAQ to fully understand the pass and what it offers.

  • QHow come there are different start times?

    Passholders have expressed interest in different times to start partying for the night. With that in mind, we have created different starting times. You must select one starting time and that is the time you will receive your admission tickets, open bar, and food at select venues.

  • QWhat is included with the Times Square All Access Pass?

    With your Times Square All Access Pass, you will be provided with a variety of amenities that are available at select venues.  They include:

    * FREE admission to the venues participating in the pass
    * Open bars at the participating venues (from 7 PM - 2 AM) - (Depends on start time you purchase)
    * Passed Food Appetizers at select venues (from 7-11 PM) - (Depends on start time you purchase)
    * Front of the line access at participating venue

  • QWhat's the deal with the group guide?

    Starting at 8 PM, your group guide will be in charge of you and 10-20 other pass holders. They will greet you and introduce everyone to one another. This is not an informational guide or tour, rather someone who is familiar with the area, knowledgeable of the route plan and informed with the various parties and can help you navigate the evening.

  • QHow do I know which venue to start?

    Based on your start time you have purchased, Times Square New Years will randomly select your starting locations. At your starting location, you will receive your All Access Pass + information booklet about the evening. Along with your individual tickets to the parties, you will receive a proposed route plan with specific interval of times that you may move around.

  • QWhat is a route plan?

    A bookley of admission tickets with different time intervals to enter participating venues. This will insure you receive the most from your Times Square All Access Pass.

  • QIs there a barricade to enter Times Square?

    YES. The NYPD blocks off the perimeter of Times Square, starting at 12 PM on December 31, 2010. To enter, you MUST present an official physical admission ticket to one of the events listed on this website. Every event has different requirements for entry into Times Square and you should read the instructions provided at time of purchase. We suggest giving yourself at least 20-30 minutes to pass through the security check point. Do not bring any bags or open liquor containers, since they are prohitbited. You MUST bring your admission ticket and your photo ID

  • QWill I see the LIVE Ball Drop in Times Square?

    YES. If you have selected to attend one of the events that is within the barricade (AKA "The Ball Drop Zone") you will be able to view the LIVE Ball Drop from the streets. All of our venues have agreed to permit it's guests to exit and re-enter after midnight to view the ball drop. It is important to accept that the venues and (and it's affiliates) cannot guarantee viewing the ball drop. Ultimately, the NYPD dictates the rules & regulations. You must adhere to these rules and follow all of their instructions.

  • QIs there a reserved space to view the LIVE Ball Drop?

    NO. The venues will permit you to exit and re-enter after midnight. You should expect to view the ball drop from somewhere close to the venue you are attending. There is no reserved spaces for any parties in Times Square and anyone who is told otherwise should consult with the person they purchased their ticket(s).

  • QWhere does the actual ball drop?

Your Tickets

  • QMy ticket says "WILL-CALL" what does that mean?

    You have purchased your ticket for pick up. This means you must go to the Times Square All Access Store located at Times Square Center (See Below). You MUST pick up your ticket(s) prior to the event start. Times Square is extremely difficult to get around after noon on December 31, 2010.

  • QI have purchased tickets, now what?

    Once you have purchased tickets online, you will receive an email confirmation about your purchase. Your will need to pick up your tickets BEFORE the event starts, so you can access Times Square.